How we use data, and how we keep it safe.

Data governance
at maiot.

The data we use.

In a single sentence, we use timestamped data that can be augmented with real-world events.

The source of data can be sensor data from a cooling machine, it can be CAN-data from your fleet of combine harvesters or it can be data collected by your laboratory equipment. As long as you record time series data, our tools will be able to detect, analyse and even predict events for you.

The data format

We transform any possible data format you might have into our unified data format, or short UDF. This homogenized format allows our tools to extract a maximum of information and allows for augmentation of additional data like critical events.

timestamp asset_id feature_1 feature_2 metadata_assettype label_failure
2019-01-01T07:11:05.432Z am9pbiB1cyEK 243 rpm 17.8°C type_13/37 FALSE
2019-01-01T07:11:07.432Z am9pbiB1cyEK 254 rpm 17.2°C type_13/37 FALSE
2019-01-01T07:11:09.432Z am9pbiB1cyEK 244 rpm 17.2°C type_13/37 FALSE
2019-01-01T07:11:011.432Z am9pbiB1cyEK 254 rpm 24.9°C type_13/37 TRUE
2019-01-01T07:11:13.432Z am9pbiB1cyEK 263 rpm 16.9°C type_13/37 TRUE

Data sources

Whether you already have a data warehouse in place or assets in the field that you'd like to connect, we can accommodate a wide range of data sources.

Our platform and all its tools are designed to generate results based on our unified data format. By establishing secure and continuous connections to your data sources, compability on a technical level is established – automatically and without further input.

Assets in the field

Telematics and other connected applications for assets in the field are common place, and we are able to connect with ease to gather the required data - directly from your assets, without a middleman.

Other data sources

No matter what is generating your data and no matter where you store it, or whether you store it at all – we're happy to work with you to collect the required data to detect, analyse and predict.

Data warehouses

Chances are, you already aggregate data for your Business Intelligence unit in a data warehouse (e.g. SAP). We can seamlessly connect via APIs and start to get results.

Industrial assets

Your machines, laboratories and other assets are controlled through sensorics. We can use their data to generate event detections, deep analysis and even predictions.

Data isolation.

Every client's data is stored in strict isolation.
No sharing or cross-contamination of data is possible.


We use SSL for all APIs by default.
All data is encrypted at rest.

100% ownership.

All data belongs to you – we're only taking a peek. Data can be deleted any time, according to compliance protocols.

Certified data centers.

Our storage and our workloads run only in datacenters compliant to ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 and GDPR.

Data compliance

We understand the importance of proper data governance and guarantee high standards – without the buzzwords, but with all the benefits.

Reach out to learn more.

How you can use our tools.

Define your use case


We help you find the right data and select the right tools for your use case.

Example cases we've worked on:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Damage detection
  • Research & Development
  • TCO optimization
  • Fleet uptime maximization

Connect your data


We connect to the data you already have, or help you record data from your assets.

We can support almost any data source:

  • Static files: JSON, CSV, Text, XML, etc.
  • Databases: SQL-based, BigQuery, NoSQL, etc.
  • Custom APIs: SAP, MQTT, REST, etc.

Receive the results


Every insight is delivered to you – immediately, and exactly where you need it

Select the right delivery method:

  • API integration: SAP, ERPs, etc.
  • Dashboard: Client-hosted, maiot-hosted
  • Data warehouses: BigQuery, Snowflake, etc.

How we work.

In order to ensure both viable business cases and viable data, we work in a three-tier project system. We evaluate your data and our joint business case in a timeboxed feasibility project, integrate your data into our system and optimize our tool's results in a integration project and finally transition to a subscription plan for you to seamlessly scale.

Feasibility Project

You have a muddy data lake or an unclear business case? Do a timeboxed feasibility project with us and get definite clarity of viability.

Integration Project

Integrate your data and our platform for continuous transmission. Our experts will start optimizing results and validate findings.

Subscription Plan

Use the tailor-made tooling we provide with a clear-cut cost structure. Pay per connected asset and get continuous improvements of your results.