We predict component failures - so you can avoid them.

Predictive maintenance solutions to optimize asset uptime.

Machines break.

We predict these failures, and you avoid downtime.

less breakdowns
less downtime
ROI on predictive maintenance

Only 2% of all machine generated data is used - what about the other 98%? With our predictive maintenance solution, we help you to avoid these unnecessary downtimes and expensive repairs. As we provide you information when to replace components most cost effective, you can optimize your maintenance schedule and increase the efficiency of your assets, optimized to your specific requirements.
You can save 30% of your annual ROI!

Predictive Maintenance compared

because preventive and reactive are just not early enough!

  • - High downtimes
    - Costly failures
    Reactive maintenance

  • - High maintenance cost
    - Wasted work and time in workshops
    Preventive maintenance

  • + Minimized downtimes
    + Optimal use of all assets
    Predictive maintenance

No matter of industrial manufacturing, electric bike, bus, truck - downtime is downtime. Doing maintenance after the fact puts your assets at risk of being permanently damaged and of repair cost above your annual returns.

But even regularily scheduled maintenance cycles bears risks:

  • Your schedules are too lose and a part breaks before your next maintenance cycle
  • You over-maintain your vehicles and waste money on parts that aren't about to break
  • You over-maintain your vehicles and waste money by creating unneccessary downtime

The main advantage of predictive maintenance: it maximizes runtime, repairs are carried just-in-time. Estimates show that unplanned downtime cost industrial manufacturers over $50bn annually.

We preserve your asset's uptime.

Our predictive analytics platform uses big data and advanced artifical intelligence techniques to minimize unplanned outages.

Our accuracy

Predictions are only as strong as their accuracy. In our proof-of-concept we showed that a trucks CAN bus data is granular and detailed enough. With our approach we are able to deliver some impressive facts:

  • 95% accuracy
  • 15 days prediction horizon

Data extraction

Vehicles are mobile computers with thousands of sensors creating gigabytes daily, so why waste this “treasure”? Using your telematics device already installed we collectall the relevant data and transfer it to the cloud where you can make use of it. And if you don’t have a telematics solution installed yet, you can use our end-to-end solution.

Increase uptime

Minimize the time your assets spends in repairs and maintenance cycles and increase uptime. By knowing when and which components break significantly ahead of time and by enabling your maintenance crew with added insights into a components behaviour profile you get your assets running in the least amount of time possible.

Schedule your maintenance

We help you to avoid unnecessary downtimes and expensive repairs. As we provide you information when to replace components most cost effective, you can optimize your maintenance schedule and increase the efficiency of your fleet, optimized to your specific requirements.

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Will it work for you?

We use our existing expertise and technology to give a quick indication whether predictive maintenance is feasible for you, based on your already collected data. And even without an existing dataset, a strategy can be proposed to enable you through collected data in the future.

A glimpse in your data

is all you'll need to share with us - and it'll stay yours, nothing is retained on our server beyond our project.

A lot of data science

is the backbone of our success. Our data scientists will examine your data and identify key aspects related to predictive maintenance.

A feasibility analysis

and a clear strategy on predictive maintenance will be yours. We'll clarify whether predictive maintenance will work, what's missing and how to move forward.

Project outline

  • You share a part of your data with us, under full NDA and without losing ownership.
  • We use our expertise and manpower to analyse your data over the span of maximum 4 weeks.
  • You'll get back either:
    • a deep overview of whats possible already with your data
    • a strategy to further enrich your data to allow for predictive maintenance
  • No risk. No hassle. No cost.

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