Culture eats strategy for breakfast

And nothing beats an unbeatable team.

Our Team.

Interdisciplinary, with experience from the industry, in tech, engineering and the startup ecosystem.

Adam Probst


Most noteable traits:
  • Head of Life-Life-Balance
  • Sailing yacht office facility manager
  • California classic car importer in charge

Benedikt Koller

CTO - DevOps

Most noteable traits:
  • Chief Coffee Nerd
  • Knows where you should have dinner
  • Hobby-CFO until we find someone better

Hamza Tahir


Most noteable traits:
  • Has non-artificial intelligence
  • Musicaly impaired, but redeems himself by playing a few instruments
  • Loves to cook (but eating is preferred)

Elena Mauri

Business Management

Most noteable traits:
  • Sustainability Ambassador
  • Strong Need for Speed
  • Depresso without Espresso

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Our core identity.

We believe in the prime directive, and we share a set of values that guide our work, our interactions and build the foundation for leadership.

Challenge everything.

Embrace change and improve always.
» Never settle for the status quo.
» Seek feedback to improve yourself.
» Minimize complexity and simplify where possible.

Be efficient.

Fail fast and learn even faster.
» Set goals and iterate your approach.
» Don't do everything, do what needs doing.
» Failure is no sign of weakness – only not learning from failure is.

Be honest.

Provide candid feedback and own your actions.
» Give feedback early and often, give feedback candidly.
» Take responsibility for failures transparently and proactively.
» Don't judge failures of others – aid in learning from them.


Understand your peers and stay candid.
» Every colleague and customer deserves your patience.
» Listen, understand, acknowledge, assist.
» Communicate thoughts for the betterment of company and peers, even when they're uncomfortable.

Enable others.

Provide a foundation for others to bring their A-Game.
» Support others taking risks and collaborate.
» Overcome bias and utilize diversity.
» Distribute relevant information proactively.

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Your application should at least contain your full curriculum vitae. Relevant certificates or documents can of course be included. Put all of them in an email and send it to:

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Our hiring process

Once you apply our team will carefully review your CV and application in an initial screening. After that your journey with us will follow this outline:

The phone interview (ca. 15 minutes)
In a short phone call we will give you the gist of the position, give you the chance to ask initial questions and allow us to get a feeling for you as a person. We strongly believe in our culture and want to get to know you. What movitates you, where do you come from - WHO are you?
The challenge (depends on the position, usually 2-5h)
We don't like whiteboard interviews and weekend-filling coding challenges. You're a pro, and we want to give you a platform to show that - in an environment you like. Your editor, your machine, your setup. All our challenges will be based either directly on the role you applied for or be as similar as it can get, because you deserve to get a glimpse at what you'll be doing, too.
The onsite interview (ca. 1.5 - 2 hours)
This will be the main interview, and most importantly your chance to get to know us. We want to know your superpowers, your skills that make you you. And since you spent time on the challenge we gave you we'd like to know how it went, how did you solve it, can we improve it?
The grande finale (ca 30 - 60 min)
Every journey has its finale. You'll meet your future team and get the chance to talk shop with them.